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Admin Access
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Access To: Description Date of Original Use:
Site Click Count Admin The Password is "ClaygateClickCount" (Case Sensitive) 02/05/2017
Off Site Payments Count The Payments count on the Site Click Count facility is not accurate because it does not record completed payments, it records the clicks from the Access Button so this Off Site Count provides an actual Payments Count for each month. Use the count to add to the last months count in the Spreadsheet that produces the Monthly Statistics. 01/01/2017
Log-in to Morpheus-Solutions Claygate Email Communications
Calendar Updates (Webmaster only!
This takes the user to the Log-In Page of the site to create an email to various options for the sections of people registered to receive emails - for this purpose - to give Notice of Web Site Updates.
User must be registered with Morpheus Solutions to Log-in.