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Fund Raising

The Group relies heavily on fundraising in order to undertake the many activities that young people enjoy. Most years it accounts for almost half of the total costs of running the Group. Unfortunately, we have been without a fundraising chairperson throughout the past year and as a result, fundraising has been given less attention than we would wish.

Grateful thanks go out to all those individuals who have helped organise and run specific fundraising events. Our priority for the near future must be to find a fundraising champion who can organise teams of parents to run individual events. For those who may be interested in this, please note this does not mean that person will be personally responsible for running the event, merely organising others to run it!

The main fundraising events throughout the year are:

  • 2 Jumble Sales (Sept & Jan or April)
  • Summer Fete (July)
  • Plant Sale (May)
  • 2 Social Events (normally April & Oct)
  • Claygate Christmas Lights stall (Dec)

Full lists of the organising that is required for each event are available. What’s more, plenty of support is available from members of the Group who can guide you through the planning, as well as speaking with parents who have run the event in previous years.

If you can assist our fundraising efforts, please click on the link* below.

Where does the money go?