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Welcome Packs - Group  Policy - General Information - Group Support
Page last updated: 25/09/2018
Welcome & Information Packs
About Beavers
Version Sep 2018 Download Format
Word® PDF
  Your child is about to join 1st Claygate, one of the oldest Scout Groups in the world...
About Cubs
Version Sep 2018 Download Format
Word® PDF
  If your child is joining us from another Group or is new to Scouting, we welcome you...
About Scouts
Version Sep 2018 Download Format
Word® PDF
  ..... If your child has been a cub with us you will already know a lot about the way the Group works....
About Explorers
Version Sep 2018 Download Format
Word® PDF
  You are about to join the Explorer Scout Unit which meets at 1st Claygate Group Scout Centre but is run by the District...
Group Policy
Group Anti Bullying Policy
Version Apr. 2009 Download Format
Word® PDF
  "Children have the right to protection from all forms of violence (physical or mental). They must be kept safe....
Health & Safety
Version Apr 2009 Download Format
Word® PDF
  It is the policy of 1st Claygate Scout Group, in accordance with the policy of The Scout Association...
Adventurous Activities Authorisation - contacts
Version Jan 2011 Download Format
Word® PDF
  To ensure the safety of young people, the Scout Association requires that adventurous activities are supervised....
 [ Photography and Social Media Policy ]
 PDF Version June 2015
Promoting Scouting is important as it is in the interests of all to promote the Scout Group and its achievements and the Scout Movement as a whole through the use of appropriate and positive images....
Group Behaviour Policy and Code
Version August 2016 Download Format
Word® PDF
  This policy was introduced in 2011 and is ‘signed up to’ by parents and members over 8 years of age by having completed and signed the membership form...
Group Payment Terms & Conditions
Version Nov 2015 Download Format
PDF Available
  Subscriptions are payable termly and should be paid by half term, or by the October half term for ‘holiday’ subscriptions...
Group Privacy Policy
Version May 2018 Download Format
PDF Available
   1st Claygate Scout Group are committed to protecting the privacy of its members in relation to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).
General Information
[ Waiting List Form ]
On-Line Application
If you wish your child to be added to our waiting list please fill-in the on-line application. 
Young Persons & Parent/Guardian
Version April 2016 Download Format
Word® PDF
Not only does this form give us important information it also enables parents to take part in activities... 
Uniforms & Camp
Updated April  2007 Download Format
Word® PDF

This is a Suggested List of items required for attending Camp. For Uniforms please also checkout the Particular Section 'About' - at the top of this page plus Uniform Information!

[ Uniform Information ]
Updated April  2015
  Useful information in Pictorial Format of the OFFICIAL SECTION UNIFORMS
[ Permission to Camp/Holiday Form ]
PDF Version March 2014
In order for a young member of the Group to take part in camping overnight or staying away, permission is required of the Parent or Guardian. For most events an event specific form will be issued but a blank form is available here if needed.
Version May 2017
Clicking 'Section Meeting Days, Times and Terms' above provides the Days, Times and Terms for the REGULAR  meetings at the Scout Centre for ALL Scouting Sections of 1st Claygate.
Information on the Group
Contact Directory About the Group
Sections & Names General Information
Version January 2017 Version Sep 2018 Version Sep 2018

[ About Claygate ]
  Claygate is a large village that lies about 15 miles due south west of the centre of London...
[ Group History ]
  Formed in 1910, Claygate Scouts was proud to celebrate its 90th anniversary...
[ Scouting World ]
  Baden-Powell returned to England a national hero, after defending the town of Mafeking..
 [ Group Annual Report  ]
1st April 2017 - 31st March 2018
  (PDF) Download
Size 1495 KB
Group Support
[ Group Calendar ] [ Fund Raising ] [ Executive Committee ] [ Operational Team ]
All the events currently arranged. The Group relies heavily on fundraising... Who's Who? All the key people who work behind the scenes.
 (Updated 17/02/2017)
Who's Who? Section Leaders and Assistants in the front line.
(Updated 17/02/2017)
    [ Single Event Attendance Sign-up ] [ Meeting Attendance Sign-up ]
    This is for the use of the Operational Team ONLY to be used to record attendance at pre arranged events. (Hover over title above for more info) This is for the use of the Operational Team ONLY to be used to record attendance at pre arranged meetings. (Hover over title above for more info)