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Page last updated: 07/06/2018
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Back to Home  Group Email Addresses pre set at the Internet Service Provider - Freeola

If the user of the Forwarded email address wishes to respond to incoming emails from their own Email Client Software to identify that their reply is from a Claygate Scouts Group Named source [and not a private email address], then there is a need to follow the setup procedures provided below. This will allow you to show a Group Title or Name (associated with the relative email title in column 1 below) that you enter in the usual 'Your Name' section of the Mail Client setup area appropriate to the Group Email Addresses [Column 1] - Examples of Group Title or Name would be 'Group Band Master' or 'Group Treasurer' etc. On this basis an Email created will be sent Under the Group Title or Name used and received emails can also be stored in that Account.


To set up Freeola EmailPro these are the settings you will need in your Mail Client e.g. Outlook:

The full settings that the user will require are set out in the individual PDF files below (Column 2). Depending on your Email Client, example Outlook (version) and other Clients. You can get full details of how to set them up to receive emails by the Information link provided below, but the setup for Outlook 2010; 2013 and 2016 are also directly available in the two links below.

The email addresses below are all set as POP3! If you are using Windows 10 please refer to these PDF's for Outlook 2010  2013/2016
Detailed information [Recomended] relative to Email Client on the Freeola Web Site (*) can be accessed via the Information Link -> Information Link
(*) When on the Freeola web site - find the section headed "Using EmailPro with your mail client"
The Group Email Address Relevant Setup
information PDF
The Email Address Forwarded to Date Origin/Change Information/Comments
band_admin@claygatescouts.org Setup Details mark.southey@sky.com
  Operates only from the Band Pages (Contact the band)
bandinfo@claygatescouts.org Setup Details mark.southey@sky.com   Operates only from the Band Pages - relates to specific information requests - example events ticket information
bandmaster@claygatescouts.org Setup Details  robinwilkinson149@gmail.com   Operates only from the Band Pages for Bandmaster
bandwebmaster@claygatescouts.org N/A webmaster@claygatescouts.org   Operates only for the Band Pages - queries to Webmaster
communications@claygatescouts.org Setup Details  gary.ernest@btinternet.com 06/12/2017 Access via the [Contact Us] Web Site Page
gsl@claygatescouts.org Setup Details gostling.family@ntlworld.com   Access via the [Contact Us] Web Site Page
parent_coordinator@claygatescouts.org Setup Details angelamazur.com@gmail.com 19/01/2018 Access via the [Contact Us] Web Site Page
lynx.pack@claygatescouts.org Setup Details Not Forwarded   Operates for Lynx Cub Pack
plantsale@claygatescouts.org Setup Details gostling.family@ntlworld.com   Relates specifically to the Annual Plant Sale
shopping@claygatescouts.org N/A john@johnfwright-consultants.co.uk   Official Address used with the used Affiliates for the Shopping Pages!
treasurer@claygatescouts.org Setup Details gary.ernest@btinternet.com   Access via the [Contact Us] Web Site Page for Treasurer
waiting-list@claygatescouts.org Setup Details mark.aulds@ntlworld.com   Accessed from the [Waiting List] Button and other pages
waiting_list_query@claygatescouts.org  Setup Details mark.aulds@ntlworld.com   Accessed from the [Waiting List] Button and via the
[Contact Us] Web Site Page
webmasteradmin@claygatescouts.org  N/A consult@johnfwright-consultants.co.uk   Used for tests by Webmaster. Also the Official Address for MailChimp (Website Update Emailing)
webmaster@claygatescouts.org  Setup Details Not Forwarded   Info. to Webmaster and available from all Web Site Pages for reporting any 'operational' issues with the Group Web Site
Troop@claygatescouts.org Setup Details Being Changed 15/09/2017 to Patrick Higgins? (But No Further instruction so far!)   Not shown on the web site as of commencement 30/09/2016
GroupSecretary@claygatescouts.org Setup Details 'rosy.treasure@ntlworld.com' 09/05/2017 Shows on the Section Meeting Days, Times and Terms
scout.active.support@claygatescouts.org Setup Details Not Forwarded   Operated by David Creigh
mark.southey@claygatescouts.org Setup Details mark.southey@sky.com 30/08/2017 Administrator to Explorers
mark.burrows@claygatescouts.org Setup Details Not Forwarded 19/04/2018 One of the Assistant Explorer Leaders