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(Last updated: 30 November, 2017)
Ropes & Knots

Reef Knot Sheet Bend Clove Hitch Figure of Eight Sheepshank
Round Turn & Two Half Hitches
With the move from Cub Scouting to Scouts there should be a realisation of the value of knowing how to use ropes to help with all sorts of activities. Ropes on their own are limited but add some useful knots and a great deal more can be achieved. The Scout Information Centre provides some very useful guides to tying knots together with some help for teaching too. The PDF files to download below cover the following...
Basic Knots Reef Knot; Sheet Bend; Clove Hitch; Figure of Eight; Timber Hitch; Round Turn & Two Half-Hitches; Sheepshank; Bowline.
File Size 91KB
Lashings Square and Diagonal
File Size 102KB  
or try Animated Knots help HERE Animated Scouting Knots by Grog

Ropes for the Experienced
Aerial Runway Great Fun but, they are potentially dangerous and remain so, even when all reasonable precautions, both in their construction and use have been taken....The file for downloading is the Aerial Runway Code.
File Size 420KB
Care of  'Ropes' Guidance on the care, inspection and storage of climbing equipment. The points raised are of importance to all that may carry or use climbing equipment for safety, confidence and river crossings etc.
File Size 214KB
Pioneering 'Building' Projects for older Scouts and Explorers now proficient in the use of knots and lashings. The safety of these projects is dependant on the knowledge of the builder(s)!
File Size 52KB

Lamp Information Despite the large number of different types of lamps on the market, generally speaking they will be one of two types. The fuel supply will either be held in a self-contained cylinder or canister that is replaced once it is emptied or the lamp will have a fuel tank that you refill as necessary. Lamps can be dangerous things if poorly maintained or not used with care! The information in the downloadable file is useful for reference.
File Size 47KB

Fire Lighting
Fire Lighting Fire lighting is an important basic skill in Scouting. It is integral to cooking, keeping warm, camping and as a focal point on various activities. The downloadable file offers some basic advice and good practice.
File Size 80KB

More information?

Scout HQ Information Centre There is a great deal more useful information that you can download at the Scout Information Centre - use the link to the left.